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Episode 3, Healthy and Yummy Treats for the Festive Season

In this episode, our lifestyle chef teams up with a special guest to prepare health food and desserts for the festive season. There will also be a twist to and old time favourite food apart from introducing healthier options to prepare the dishes.

INGREDIENTS: Savoury Kueh Pie Tee: 1 large turnip 2 carrots Handful of black fungus Handful of dried Chinese shiitake mushroom Tang hoon (dried vermicelli) 1 tsp minced garlic 2 tbsp peanut oil ½ tsp tau cheong (fermented whole bean – wash and drain to remove the saltiness and then pound to paste, alternatively you can buy the paste form) 2 tbsp soya sauce ½ tsp sesame oil Dash of grounded white pepper Chicken lollipop: 15 chicken drumettes 250 – 280ml of full cream milk Pinch of fresh thyme ½ tsp each of dried paprika, thyme and oregano Pinch of organic salt 1 whole garlic, crushed Banana cupcakes: 3 ripe mini bananas 150g cake flour 150g unsalted butter 2 eggs 80g castor sugar 50ml milk 1 tsp baking powder A pinch of salt ½ tsp cinnamon powder Cream cheese frosting: 250g cream cheese 50g unsalted butter 40g icing sugar 1 tsp vanilla extract (Mix all ingredients together in a mixer to achieve a smooth texture for piping on top of the cupcakes) Sweet Kueh Pie Tee: 16 Pie Tee shells 80g Dark Coverture chocolate 1 red apple 1 tbsp cinnamon powder (Melt chocolate in hot water bath and dip pie tee shells into the chocolate sauce. Dice 1 red apple and toast with 1 tbsp of cinnamon powder to be used as the filling for the sweet pie tee). CREDITS: LIFESTYLE CHEF Tinoq Russell Goh LIFESTYLE BAKER Evangeline Lee GUEST APPEARANCE Skyler Tan NUTRITIONIST Ms Louisa Zhang MEDICAL ADVISOR Dr Mak Koon Hou LIFESTYLE STYLIST Dylan Chan MUSIC Buan Seng Boon Kee, Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre Spotlight: Boy & girl kids’ chopsticks Lav Bloom 1.2L jug Aeroplane cookie cutter (blue) Owl cookie cutter (purple) Dress cookie cutter (pink) Chirpie bird cookie cutter (orange) Pineapple cookie cutter (yellow) Apple cookie cutter (red) Nadir ginga 6 pcs set jug & 5 tumbler Jab sorbet round plate coupe 20 cm (watermelon, apple, lemon and mango) Jab sorbet round plate coupe 25 cm (watermelon, apple, lemon and mango) C&CO serving board Blue/yellow/green acacia wood round paddleboard Acacia rectangular paddleboard WLT colander, jab sorbet cake stand J&J 17’ bell cluster J&J 17’ holly & berry wire garland

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